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Family Immigration
If you are interested in seeking permanent resident status for yourself or members of your family, we might be able to help. We handle all kinds of family-based immigration cases that involve bringing a spouse, parents, children, or siblings to the United States. Additionally, we can help you understand and obtain other immigration benefits that might be available to other familial relations. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and experienced with family immigration regulations and can help you determine the best way to help you and your family become permanent residents of the United States. Some of the Family Immigration Cases we handle include:

These types of cases typically involve singles or families living in the United States undocumented. If your family is in the situation, we may be able to help them obtain legal status in the United States.
Does your family need a waiver (un perdon)? We have experience preparing first class waivers for Consular Processing Cases. Our team is trained to prepare a waiver that best illustrates your unique familial circumstances to the consular officer.
Have you been waiting to file immigration papers for your spouse, but are afraid they’ll get stuck outside of the United States for an extended period of time? Let us help. Stateside Consular Processing is an exciting and effective new process that allows certain qualified individuals to await their consular interviews within the United States. With Stateside Consular Processing, you can actually bring your loved one to the United States and await the decision on their citizenship while they are with you in the US.
DOMA’s demise has allowed exciting new immigration benefits for same-sex couples. At Jamie Barron, P.C., we are proud to say we have helped many same-sex couples achieve immigration and associated benefits in the United States.
If you’re ready to become a citizen of the United States, we want to help. Our firm will prepare all of the requisite paperwork and even help you prepare for your citizenship test. We have extensive experience helping immigrants become naturalized citizens and want to help you with your case.
Waiting to hear back about your Immigration Case? Let us handle the research. If you’ve already filed paperwork, but haven’t heard back from the office of immigration, we can look into your case for you. Our staff can research your specific case and find out what certain immigration agencies have in your file.
Interviewing for citizenship can be a scary process. That’s why we offer interview representation. Our staff can accompany you to your immigration and naturalization interviews to maximize your success with both cases.
One of the difficulties with immigration can be the language barrier. We offer translation services, so speaking a different language does not stand in your way of immigration to the U.S. or becoming a citizen of the U.S. Our multi-lingual team members are available for hire to help translate during your immigration interview or to help with your immigration and citizenship paperwork.
Special Programs
If you or a relative is currently a member of the Armed Forces, Navy or National Guard, you could qualify for an exciting new immigration program. Contact Jaime Barron, P.C. to find out more about Parole in Place.
The United States designates special immigration status for citizens from countries that have been devastated by a natural disaster. If you or a loved one is seeking immigration to the US as a result of a natural disaster in your home country, contact us to see how we can help you achieve TPS.
Jaime Barron, P.C. is one of the few firms that can proudly say they specialize in this unique area of immigration. If you are a Central American, Cuban, or national of a former Soviet Bloc country who has been in the United States since 1995, contact our firm to see if you qualify to apply for residency.
U-Visas provide a special type of immigration status to those who have been a victim of a crime in the United States. The U-Visa was created to protect all people, no matter their residency status in the US. If you or a loved one has been a victim of a crime in the US, contact us to see if you qualify for a U-Visa and how it can help protect your rights.
The VAWA aims to protect against domestic violence within the United States. If you are or were married to a United States citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident (greencard holder) in the US and were a victim of domestic violence, you may be protected by the VAWA. Contact us to find out about your rights under the VAWA and to see how we can help with your case.

If you think you or a loved one may qualify for one of the Visas listed above, contact us today to find out how we can help with your immigration case.

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