Why We’re Unique
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  • We are immigrants. Founding attorney Jaime Barron is a first generation Mexican immigrant, and many staff members are immigrants too.
  • We’re bilingual. Our team is 100% bilingual, with many members of our staff speaking more than 2 languages.
  • We’re multi-ethnic and multi-cultural. Our staff is comprised of individuals from many walks of life. This makes us especially aware of cultural sensitivities and differences.
  • We’re allies. We are committed to working with the Gay, Lesbian and Transgender community in a respectful and professional manner.
  • We’re affordable. Our office prides itself on making our services accessible to hardworking families. We offer payment plans for the majority of our services.
Our Approach
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In order to help you achieve the best results possible for your case, we work as a team. Immigration Laws are highly technical and can be very complicated. We believe in involving a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals in our cases so we can bounce ideas off of one another and get a variety of perspectives. With a team of experts working on your side, you obtain a great outcome from your case and have several attorneys working for you for the price of one.

History of Our Firm
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Jaime Barron, P.C. was founded in 2000 and has helped thousands of people immigrate to the United States since that time. Our firm has extensive experience in immigration law and works diligently to help people make a home in the United States. Our experience and results speak to our hard work and dedication to helping each and every client.

At Jaime Barron, P.C., many of our own staff members are immigrants and their varied experiences help us provide the best service to all of our clients. Jaime Barron is a first generation Mexican immigrant, which gives him a deep understanding of what it means to immigrate to the United States. In fact, all of our staff is multilingual, which enables us to effectively communicate with our clients. Our employees speak at least 2 different languages. Some of the languages our staff members speak include English, Spanish, Urdu, French, and Italian. This diversity helps us bring the utmost understanding to every case, with a personalized approach.